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Deluxe Brewcraft Starter Brewery Kit (PET)

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Deluxe Brewcraft Starter Brewery Kit (PET)

This deluxe starter kit includes the following:

Cleaner (2 oz Alkaline Wash) & Sanitizer (4oz Star San)
Nylon Carboy Brush (27” long)
Nylon Bottle Brush
18 Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot with Lid
18” Plastic Spoon
Glass Stem Thermometer, 0 to 230 oF (305mm in length)
Brewcraft USA 8 Gallon (30L) Fermenter, Includes Lid with Hole and Grommet
Self-Adhesive LCD Thermometer, 36 to 78 oF
Cylinder Airlock
Hydrometer Jar
The Easy Auto Siphon Cane/Plunger Unit & 3/8” Siphon Holder That Fits Carboys/Pails
5/16” I.D. Clear Vinyl Tubing
5 Gallon PET Carboy
#10 Rubber Stopper with Airlock Hole
Bottle Filler (easy-flow)

*Components are subject to change without notice.

PLEASE NOTE: Ships from the Country Malt Group; please allow additional time for UPS or FedEx ground shipping; product availability dependent on Country Malt Group. Actual shipping weight: 26 lbs

Price: $159.99
Ship Weight: 0.00 Pounds
SKU: 71104

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