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French Roasted Millet Malt - 5 LB

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French Roasted Millet Malt - 5 LB

Produced by Grouse Malting and Roasting Company
Certified Gluten-Free

Naturally gluten free product malted in a dedicated gluten free facility. Produces gluten free beer. Use Amylase Enzymes to convert starches into sugars which can then be fermented by brewing yeast.

Walnut flavor and toasted aroma. Compliments a variety of styles from Pale Ale to Nut Brown Ale to Stout.

Lovibond: 15.3 - 22.7
Potential Gravity: 1.025 or 25 gravity points per gallon.
Diastatic Power: Maximum Range 20-35 Litner; Average Range 20-25 Litner.
Suggested Usage: 5-15%

Sold in 5 lb unmilled bags

Price: $21.89
Ship Weight: 5.03 Pounds
SKU: MI1170

Product Reviews

From: Ken Hardinge-Rooney
By Valued Customer on 04/30/2015

Grouse malts are the best gluten free malts you can buy. French Roast provides some nice amber color to your brew without the toasty flavors of darker roasts. 20% in their mash will give some really nice malty toffee flavors to the beer.

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