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Briess Brown Rice Syrup 42DE - 2.75 LB

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Briess Brown Rice Syrup 42DE - 2.75 LB

This 100% pure brown rice syrup provides proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with color and flavor. Because it is filtered, Clarified Brown Rice Syrup 42DE produces a very clear, finished beer without great difficulty or product loss often experienced when trying to filter out insoluble (but colloidal suspended) protein. Use as a replacement to produce gluten free beer.

Color: Lovibond 2.0

Sold in 32 fl oz (Approx Net WT. 2 lb 12 oz) container

Note: Repackaged into 32 fl oz contanier

Price: $16.49
Ship Weight: 2.75 Pounds
SKU: BM-6810

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Product Reviews

High Maltose Brown Rice Syrup
By Brian on 04/19/2015

I have used High Maltose Brown Rice Syrup for many years as an extract and partial-mash brewer. This syrup has a higher percentage of fermertable sugars than brown rice syrup you can buy at the grocery store. That means less residual sugars (sweetness) in the finished beer and a higher ABV. Use this syrup to cut back your sorghum syrup by 50% or greater. I would also suggest using a Belgian Candi Syrup to add more complexities to the flavor profile and reduce the use of sorghum even more.

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