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Ondea Pro Liquid Enzyme Complex - 4 OZ

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Ondea Pro Liquid Enzyme Complex - 4 OZ

Beta Glucanase, Xylanase, Alpha Amylase, Pullulanase, Protease and Lipase liquid enzyme complex suitable for starch conversion of gluten free malts up to 165F.

Labeled 'Liquid Enzyme Complex'

Recommended pH range: 4.6 - 5 at 25C

**NOTICE** We are working hard to make brewing recommendation using Ondea Pro that provide consistent repeatable results. At this time, a reverse step mash seems to be the most promising mash regime. Calculate strike water to achieve 175-185F target mash temperature and pitch Termamyl. Rest mash for 30 minutes. The malt (specifically rice malt) will gelatinize which may require scraping the false bottom with a long metal brewing paddle/spoon to prevent blockage. After 30 minutes reduce mash to 145F using a counterflow wort chiller or other method. Only pitch Ondea Pro once you reach 145F or below to prevent any of the enzyme complex from becoming denatured. Rest mash for another 60 minutes before starting the sparge. As more information becomes available we will update our brewing recommendations.

Sold in 4 OZ bottle - Should be stored in a cool, dry place at or below 41F to help maintain maximum activity over long periods

Price: $20.49  SPECIAL: $18.99
Ship Weight: 0.37 Pounds

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